YSRCP woman leader slaps Kaza Toll Plaza staff in Guntur

Not just male YSRCP leaders in Andhra Pradesh are behaving like rowdies and goondas under AP CM YS Jagan's rule, even woman leaders are also indulging in goondaism and rowdyism.

A woman YSRCP leader Devalla Revathi manhandled Kaza toll plaza staff in Guntur today, Thursday, December 10, 2020. She attacked toll plaza staff for asking her to pay toll charges.

Revathi was recently appointed as chairperson of Vaddera Corporation by YS Jagan.

Visuals of Revathi attacking and slapping toll plaza staff were captured by CCTVs at toll plaza and also by passersby in their mobile phones. These visuals went viral on social media.

Revathi got down from her SUV vehicle and removed the barricades that were erected at toll plaza.

When toll plaza staff obstructed her, she manhandled them.

The incident led to traffic jam at the toll plaza for a while as other motorists watched silently.

When other motorists were promptly paying toll charges, the YSRCP woman leader refused to pay and asked how dare toll plaza staff ask her to pay toll charges.

What message these YSRCP rulers are sending in Andhra Pradesh with this rowdy behaviour?

It remains to be seen how their boss YS Jagan reacts to this shameful incident.