YS Jagan's 'Saakshi' ignores AP's 10,000 corona cases, 65 deaths, India's highest in a single day

For Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy-owned "Saakshi" Telugu newspaper, Andhra Pradesh recording India's highest corona cases in a single day is nothing and is a very small thing.

AP on Wednesday, July 30, 2020, reported 10,093 cases and 65 deaths, which is highest for any state in India on a single day so far.

But newspaper readers in AP who looked at Saakshi newspaper today (July 30, 2020) were shocked to see the newspaper ignoring such a major news while all other mainstream English, Telugu media including national and international TV news channels highlighted it prominently in top headlines.

Showing its utter disregard for people's concerns on corona, Saakshi carried such a major news as a small news report which is difficult for readers to find even if they scan through magnifying glasses.

AP people are worried and tensed about their lives but Saakshi is worried more about projecting 'false image and pride' of their boss Jagan and doing 'bhajan' of their boos Jagan. It highlighted Jagan's vote bank free money distribution schemes which are pushing state into bankruptcy and no funds to fight corona and save people.

This is what happens if newspapers or any media is run by political parties.

Their prime agenda is doing 'bhajan' of their bosses everyday and they have no regard or concern for people's lives.

It's high time AP people question themselves why they should read such newspapers which is their 'boss centric' and not 'people centric'. Why they should waste their hard earned money on 'political pamphlets', which are projected and forced upon people as newspapers.