Why TRS-MIM should be defeated in GHMC polls?

Defeating TRS-MIM in upcoming GHMC polls is crucial to check 'minority appeasement politics' of ruling TRS and and its friendly party AIMIM.

MIM is spreading its wings across India. It won seats in Maharashtra Assembly polls last year. It recently won five Assembly seats in Bihar.

MIM is now planning to contest in upcoming Assembly polls in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh.

The 'disunity' among Hindus and parties like TRS, which are going to any extent to come to power by joining hands with MIM, is helping MIM to spread its wings across India.

If this situation continues, Hindus will become minorities and AIMIM will become the ruling party in many States in India. Though MIM is not strong enough to come to power in any state now, it will rule the state 'indirectly' by allying with parties like TRS, which rules Telangana.

TRS chief KCR and Owaisi brothers openly declared several times that TRS and MIM are 'friendly parties' though they are now playing dramas as if they are enemies keeping in view upcoming GHMC polls.

When Owaisi can win seats for AIMIM in other states like Bihar, Maharashtra with Muslim votes, which is a Hyderabad-based that too an Old City-based party in Hyderabad, why can't Hindus in Hyderabad join hands to defeat TRS-MIM, and send a clear message that we can't accept MIM ruling Telangana directly or indirectly by joining hands with TRS.

If TRS-MIM is defeated in GHMC polls, it will be a big blow to minority appeasement politics of TRS and MIM.

It will also hit Asaduddin Owaisi's MIM expansion plans across India as MIM will become weak if it is defeated in Hyderabad, which is the only strong base and birth place of MIM.