Watch: Tortoise in Chilkur Balaji Temple: Divine sign to end corona: Priest Rangarajan

Tortoise or Kurmamurthy appeared in Sivalayam of Chilkur Balaji temple on Sunday, July 19, 2020.

Temple priest Rangarajan said it's a divine sign to destroy coronavirus from the world soon.

How it entered? From where it entered as the doors were all locked, is all a big puzzle because such a big tortoise measuring 10 centimetres by 6 centimeters cannot enter any of drain pipes or any of the passages leading to Sundareshwara swamy or Shivalaya.

According to priest Rangarajan: It is a big miracle and it signifies the Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu. It signifies the quest for Amrutham during the Churning of the Milk Ocean or Ksheerasagam. Symbolically identical to present day quest for identifying a cure for Covid19.

It signifies the swallowing of poison, Halahalam by Lord Shiva as it appeared in Shivalayam. The poisonous virus Covid19 will soon be swallowed by the Divine to protect us.

It signifies a divine message which Chilkur Balaji Swami wants to communicate through us, announce to the Country and mankind that there would be a miraculous ending of covid-19 which is troubling the entire world.

Today being Sunday the day of Sun god, arudra nakshatra and the last day of Bonalu in this part of the country this message will be a big relief for all.

It is a big indication to the Crores of Devotees.