Warangal flooding: TRS fake promises & failures responsible

The fake promises given by TRS to win Warangal municipal corporation polls in March 2016 and failure of TRS to fulfil its promises after winning corporation elections are responsible for the current pathetic flood situation of Warangal city due to heavy rains for the past four days.

Even after four days, officials fail to clear the flood situation in Warangal causing severe problems to lakhs of people residing in the city.

Just before March 2016 Warangal corporation polls, CM KCR visited Warangal city and made tall promises of developing Warangal on par with Hyderabad.

KCR promised to sanction Rs 300 crore in State Budget every year for development of Warangal.

If KCR had fulfilled his promise, Warangal should have got Rs 1,500 crore in the last five years.

But shockingly, KCR release just Rs 84 crore so far.

KCR promised to draft Warangal master plan for overall development of city. This promise is lying on papers after five years.

He city development plan of Kakatiya Urban Development Authroity remains untraceable after five years.

Added to this, TRS leaders allegedly colluded with lakes, nala grabbers in Warangal who encroached lakes and nalas and built illegal constructions over them while led to blockage of rain and flood water and leading to current flooding of Warangal city now.

People of Warangal have now got a good opportunity to teach a fitting lesson to TRS leaders who come to them seeking votes in Warangal municipal corporation polls scheduled in March 2021, which are just six months away.

KCR, KTR, TRS ministers and leaders in Warangal are already trying to fool Warangal people again by making fake promises and tall claims on developing Warangal and win elections again. So Warangal people, beware of their crooked politics.