Vijayashanti says KCR is 'shishupaludu', committing 100 mistakes!

Congress firebrand leader, popular actress Vijayashanthi on Tuesday, July 7, 2020 lashed out at her one time political mentor, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for demolishing Secretariat based on 'blind beliefs and superstitions' and wasting thousands of crores of public money by demolishing existing Secretariat and construction a new one in its place.

Vijayashanthi compared KCR with "Shishupaludu" in Mahabharatha, whom Lord Krishna had killed after he committed 100 mistakes.

Like Shishupaludu, KCR is also committing 100 mistakes one after one. Telangana eople are keenly watching KCR's moves and will surely punish him after he commits 100 mistakes. The day is not far when Telangana people will revolt against KCR for his dictatorial attitude and misrule.

Vijayashanthi also accused KCR of hiding in his farmhouse fearing corona at a time when Telangana is reeling under severe corona crisis. Instead of taking measures to contain spread of coronavirus, KCR is hiding in his farmhouse for the past few days fearing corona.