UG, PG exams sample seating plan in exam centres released

Notwithstanding the protests by students against the decision of the Central government and the University Grants Commission (UGC) to conduct final semester exams for under graduate (UG) and post graduate (PG) courses, the Central government and the UGC are going ahead with making arrangements for conducting exams by September-end.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development and the UGCon Wednesday, July 8, 2020 released detailed guidelines for conducting university exams.

The UGC also issued a sample seating plan, advising that desks between two candidates should be left empty.

The UGC has written to all the universities varsities stating that proper sanitation and social distancing norms should be adhered to while conducting exams. The UGC said that all furniture, including desks and chairs should be sanitised fully after each session and each paper. The entire examination centre, including floors, doors and windows should be sprayed with disinfectants. Wearing of mask is compulsory, and the exam centre staff is advised to use fresh masks and gloves before interacting with students. The staff should change into a new set of protective equipment once the staff verification is over and students are allowed into the centre.

"Adequate arrangement of thermal scanners, sanitisers, face mask, and hand gloves at all entry and exit points should be maintained. Wherever possible, students should be given fresh face masks by the invigilators in the examination room itself," UGC said in its letter.

The guidelines also said that in case a student is exhibiting symptoms like fever etc, they should either be made to sit in a separate room, or preparations should be made to allow that student to appear at a later date.

The UGC also said that used face mask and gloves should be discarded in a responsible manner and should not be strewn around. It advised installing pedal push dustbins at the centre in sufficient quantities.

"All exam functionaries and members of staff are advised to provide a self-declaration of their health status, and are required to undergo thermal scans." Failing this, the functionary should be asked to leave the exam centre, the UGC said.

It may be recalleed that UGC had on Monday, July 6, 2020 made it mandatory for colleges and universities to conduct exams for final year students before 30 September 2020.