UG, PG exams: 454 varsities in India in favour of exams, 640 out of 954 varsities responded

The UGC has received responses only from 640 out of total 954 universities in the country on its recent guidelines mandating all the universities to conduct final semester exams for UG, PG students in September end.

Of them, about 454 universities favoured conducting exams as per UGC guidelines.

The UGC stated that more than 400 universities had either conducted their final semester exams or were planning to conduct exams in offline/ online mode.

The UGC informed that 182 universities in the country have already conducted exams in online/ offline mode and 234 universities are planning to conduct exams in online/ offline/ blended mode and 38 universities are planning to conduct exams as per the directions of the relevant Statutory Council.

The UGC stated that only 177 universities in the country are undecided on exams so far.

With regard to 27 private universities, which were set up from 2019-20 till date, te first batch of students is yet to come to final year and as such the question of conducting exams for those students does not arise.

UGC released this data in the wake of controversy over whether final examinations should be conducted or not given the current corona situation in the country.

It may be recalled that the UGC had issued revised guidelines on 16 July, 2020 making it mandatory for all universities, including state universities, to conduct the final exams by September-end.

Earlier this week, the Delhi High Court asked the Centre, UGC and Delhi University to reply to a plea challenging the guidelines. It was hearing a plea filed by Delhi University student Kabir Sachdeva.


The UGC’s move evoked criticism from students and teachers across the country and also put the states that had cancelled final year exams in a fix

A number of states, including Maharashtra, Haryana and Punjab, had already cancelled exams before the UGC guidelines were issued.

So far, 640 universities (including 120 Deemed Universities, 229 Private Universities, 40 Central Universities and 251 State Universities) responded to the commission and of them, 454 universities have either conducted exams or are planning to do so, in online/offline/blended mode.