UG/ PG final exams: Degree certificates granted during Covid hold same value, no discrimination

Crores of students across India are taking UG/ PG final semester/ year exams amid corona pandemic this month (September).

However, there are several doubts and apprehensions among students and parents about the UG/ PG degree certificates awarded to students during the present Covid period.

There are concerns, worries and rumours that the certificates awarded to students during Covid period will hold no value like certificates awarded earlier.

But the state governments and university officials are clarifying that there is no difference between certificates awarded to students during Covid period and certificates awarded till last year prior to Covid.

The state governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have decided to issue strict instructions to recruiters and all educational institutions not to discriminate students who passed out during Covid period and treat these students and certificates on par with other students who secured degree certificates earlier.

The Maharashtra state government already issued stern warning to recruiters and others on this issue. All State governments are set to follow suit in this regard soon to safeguard the interests of students who took exams during Covid period.

The Maharashtra Higher and Technical Education Minister, Uday Samant, made it clear that there will be no difference between degrees that will be granted to students during the COVID-19 period and the similar certificates obtained earlier.

He also told the reporters today, September 15, 2020, Tuesday, that the government will take action against any institution or establishment that will look down upon degrees issued amid the Covid-19 pandemic as it will be unfair to a lot of students.

"University degree certificates will be the same as they used to be and no separate certificates will be given to students," the minister clarified.

Samant also said that recruiters cannot discriminate against any students who hold such a degree and if they do, the government will be taking strict action on them.