TS DOST 2020: Seat Allotment in Degree Colleges: Latest Update

Telangana State Council of Higher Education Degree Online Services, Telangana

Press Note

1. DOST-2020 Phase-II Registration, Web Options and Online Self - reporting of Phase-I allotted candidates is closed on 27.09.2020.

2. 1,07,189 candidates have reserved their seat in Phase-I through Online Self-reporting, by 5:30PM on 27.09.2020, out of 1,41,340 candidates allotted in DOST-2020 Phase-I seat allotment.

3. Online Self-reporting for reserving a seat in Phase-I allotted seat in DOST-2020 Phase-I is more than that of DOST-2019 Phase-I. Percentage of online self-reporting in DOST-2020 Phase-I is 76% where as it was 67% in DOST-2019 Phase-I. 70,780 candidates reserved the seat through online self-reporting in DOST-2019 Phase-I out of 1.05,433 allotted candidates.

4. 30,787 candidates have registered in DOST-2020 Phase-II by 5:30PM on 27.09.2020. 5. 78,818 candidates have exercised web options on DOST-2020 Phase-II by 5.30 PM on 27.09.2020.

Sd/- Prof. R. Limbadri, Convener, DOST-2020 & Vice Chairman, TSCHE

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