TRS MLA Gandhi slaps, abuse people opposing "Bharat Bandh" in Hyd

TRS leaders are behaving like 'goondas' to enforce KCR's foolish decision of Bharat Bandh in Telangana. Every one knows why KCR is supporting Bharat Bandh call. It's not for the cause of farmers but due to personal political grudge against BJP and PM Modi and to avenge the defeat of TRS at the hands of BJP in recent Dubbak Assembly bypoll and GHMC elections.

TRS MLAs, leaders and cadre blocked all major roads and junctions in Hyderabad to enforce Bharat Bandh which led to huge traffic jams in entire city since morning today, December 8, 2020, Tuesday.

Citizens in Hyderabad are suffering a lot due to mindless decision of KCR & Co to enforce Bharat Bandh in Telangana against Modi's farm laws and that too in Hyderabad, where there in no agriculture or farmers at all.

TRS Sherilingamplly MLA A Gandhi blocked roads in IT corridor due to which IT employees are struggling to reach their office and attend duties and they are stuck in traffic for hours together.

Common people are expressing ire at Gandhi questioning him why he is blocking roads on Hyderabad where there are no farmers at all.

One person took on Gandhi and grilled him for blocking roads. The MLA and his supporters behaved like goondas and manhandled him in front of every one on the road.

Shockingly, police personnel present there watched all this as mute spectators.

One woman also was engaged in a heated argument with Gandhi. However, MLAs supporters abused her.

The voters in Hyderabad already taught a fitting lesson to TRS in recent GHMC polls by bringing its tally in GHMC from 99 seats in 2016 polls to 55 seats now.

Ironically, Sherilingampally voters voted for TRS and ensured TRS win all the wards in GHMC polls.

TRS is now giving voters 'return gift' to Sherilingampally residents by slapping and abusing them.

It's high time voters in Hyderabad at least open their eyes now and take a wise decision during elections and reject parties like TRS and leaders like Gandhi in future with their vote power.