TRS position bad in upcoming GHMC, Warangal, Khammam corporations, MLC polls

The ruling TRS in Telangana, which is making a clean sweep in all the elections since 2014 is reportedly facing a bad situation in upcoming GHMC polls scheduled in Febraury 2021 and MLC polls in March 2021.

TRS position is also worse in Warangal and Khammam, where municipal corporation polls are scheduled in March 2021.

Intelligence reports say people are fed up with TRS for its 'fake promises' being given during elections every time and they want to teach a fitting lesson to TRS thim time in election.

In 2016 GHMC polls, TRS came to power by luring voters with free one lakh 2BHK houses for poor in Hyderabad. After five years, the TRS failed to deliver even 5,000 houses to poor.

Similarly, employees and graduates are angry at TRS government for adopting anti-employee policies and for failing to fill thousands of vacancies in various government departments.

The MLC polls are held for employees and graduates constituencies.

Employees and graduates have vowed to defeat TRS at any cost this time.

Seems, the downfall of TRS will begin from early 2021, when the results of GHMC, Warangal, Khammam corporation and MLC polls will be out.

Telangana voters are upset that KCR and KTR were only making tall and fake promises to win polls for the past six years but fail to deliver after winning the polls and the time has come for voters to teach a fitting lesson to TRS.

More than fake promises, voters are angry at KCR's mindless decisions on demolishing Secretariat, which was strong enough to serve few more decades and build a new one its place by wasting Rs 1,000 crore in these difficult corona financial crisis days.

They are also angry at KTR for failing to develop Hyderabad as promised during 2016 GHMC polls.

Voters feel that KCR and KTR are behaving like king and prince and treating Telangana as their kingdom.