TRS MP Santosh, minister Allola launch Eco-friendly Seed Ganesha

Hyderabad, Aug 5, 2020: We worship Ganapati to remove all vighnas and Pray to protect us from all dangers. The corona virus is currently the biggest challenge facing world humanity. In addition to protecting ourselves from this, we all have a responsibility to protect society.

In this context, Rajya Sabha MP Joginapalli Santosh Kumar launched another innovative

program on the occasion of VinayakaChaviti. The purpose of this program is to add

the protection of nature and the environment to spirituality. It was decided to

distribute the seed Ganapati (Seed Ganeshsha) to this VinayakaChavati.

Endowments and Forest, Environment Minister Allola Indrakaran Reddy formally

unveiled the seed Ganapati today, August 5,2020. The main purpose of this program is to make and distribute Ganapati by mixing neem seeds in eco-friendly clean soil. The seed of this Ganesha, which is worshiped daily, germinates in five to seven days. In another week

it will turn into a full-fledged plant. After immersing the idol in the house, everyone

can plant this neem plant in their premises. Minister Indrakaran Reddy lauded the efforts

of MP Santosh.

The minister said that the way to change climate change, pollution and monsters like

corona is to grow big tall trees and wished him success. MP Santosh Kumar

distributed seed Ganesha statues to the ministers during the cabinet meeting. MP

Santosh announced that they will soon start distributing idols in association with Go

Rural India as part of the Green India Challenge they have already undertaken.

The MP said on the occasion that there was no need to worry about Ganpati

celebrations during Corona. To whom should they install the seed Ganapati in their

own homes,He said that the germinating neem seed can be sown after the puja.

Therefore, there should be a neem tree with medicinal properties on the premises of

every home. Santosh said that Honourable Shri.ChandrasekharaRao's ambition will

also come true.

We will distribute as many seed ganeshas as possible through Green India Challenge,

while interested NGOs and individuals can participate in the event. Santosh called on

TRS leaders and activists to also enthusiastically participate in the distribution of

Seed Ganapati. It can also be used as a tool in the practice of green spice.