TRS minister Malla Reddy becomes headache for KCR, KTR

TRS minister C Malla Reddy is known as an 'item' in political and social circles.

Because he behaves in an extreme manner, be it when he is happy or sad.

He often entertains people with his jokes and loose talk. He entertains students with his loose talk even during college functions.

Before becoming a minister in KCR cabinet, Malla Reddy was already very famous as a person owning a chain of engineering, medical, MBA, MCA, pharmacy and other professional colleges besides running international schools on Hyderabad city outskirts in Medchal.

He became politician in 2014 by joining TDP and getting elected as Lok Sabha member from Malkajgiri seat. But within two years, he defected to TRS. In 2018, he won as TRS MLA from Medchal seat and became labour minister in KCR's cabinet

In fact, Medchal is considered to be the empire of Malla Reddy as all his educational institutions and big function halls spread over hundreds and hundreds of acres are located in Medchal.

Malla Reddy is today worth thousands of crores of rupees due to his vast properties located on city outskirts. His turnover from educational institutions itself is estimated at several thousands of crores of rupees.

Despite owning thousands of acres by himself, Malla Reddy often faces charges of land encroachments of people belonging to middle and poorer classes.

In a recent incident, police booked a case against Malla Reddy on charges of encroaching 18 guntas land belonging to a middle class woman in Medchal. This land parcel is not even half acre and why this greed for Malla Reddy to encroach a poor woman's small land parcel.

Not only this, Malla Reddy faced charges of demanding Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore to get TRS ticket for candidates during Medchal municipal corporation elections in 2019.

A person who himself earns thousands of crores of rupees every year demanding Rs 50 lakh from TRS activists to get tickets is something which surprises everyone.

These shameful acts of Malla Reddy has become a big headache for TRS party bosses KCR and KTR because it is bringing bad name for the party.

It remains to be seen how KCR, KTR tame Malla Reddy.