TRS-MIM friendship will help BJP to win GHMC polls!

TRS chief KCR and AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi are close friends personally and politically in Telangana.

It's difficult to get KCR's appointment to anyone to meet him, even for TRS ministers and leaders, but Owaisi brothers (Asaduddin, Akbaruddin) can simply walk down into KCR's camp office Pragathi Bhavan anytime. Such is the importance given by KCR to MIM and Owaisi brothers.

Now this "TRS-MIM friendship" is expected to help BJP to win upcoming GHMC polls expected in December 2020 or January 2021.

Hindus are angry at KCR for giving so much importance to MIM, which is a known Muslim party.

BJP is trying to take advantage out of this and polarise Hindu votes in favour of BJP in upcoming polls.

Already TRS paid heavy price for its friendship with MIM in Dubbak bypoll as BJP defeated TRS on its own turf.

Despite this, KCR failed to learn any lessons.

On Thursday, Novmber 12, 2020, KCR again invited Asad Owaisi to Pragathi Bhavan and held talks over 'GHMC poll strategy'.

BJP is confident that Hindus in Hyderabad will teach a fitting lesson to TRS in GHMC polls and it will help BJP to rule GHMC and emerging even stronger in Telangana by 2023 and come to power in Telangana in 2023 December Assembly polls.