TRS- MIM 'acting' like enemies to cheat voters in GHMC polls!

Everyone knows the 'close friendship' between TRS and AIMIM in Telangana.

TRS chief and Telangana CM KCR is not accessible to anyone in Telangana, will not give appointment even to his ministers and TRS MLAs to meet him in Pragathi Bhavan, but AIMIM's 'Owaisi brothers' are the only ones on this earth who can walk directly into Pragthi Bhavan, have breakfast, lunch or dinner with KCR anytime.

KCR and MIM Owaisi brothers themselves openly admitted several times on record that TRS and MIM are 'friendly parties'.

However, with BJP emerging stronger in Telangana after recent Dubbak Assembly bypoll in which BJP trounced TRS, the TRS and MIM leaders realised that "Hindus" are angry at the 'friendship' of TRS and AIMIM and Hindus are going to defeat TRS and MIM in upcoming GHMC polls.

To overcome this problem, TRS and MIM leaders are now indulging in 'Oscar-award level acting' to project before GHMC voters that TRS and MIM are not 'friends' but 'arch rivals'..

This drama started with KTR who issued a statement three days ago that TRS has no tie up with MIM and TRS will defeat MIM in at least 10 seats in GHMC elections this time.

Yesterday, Asaduddin Owaisi issued a statement that MIM has no alliance with TRS and TRS is MIM's main rival in GHMC polls.

In another good acting episode and a big joke, MIM MLA Mumtaz Khan issued a 'threatening statment' saying that MIM can bring down TRS government within two months, if they want to.

All these 'fake statement' aimed at cheating GHMC voters yet again to win polls is providing 'free entertainment' to GHMC voters.

People are bursting with laughter looking at TRS, MIM leaders statements and are waiting for GHMC polling on December 1 to teach a fitting lesson to them and end their drama once for all.