TRS "Land settlements" in Hyd: TRS leaders earn Rs 200 cr in a single deal!

TRS leaders came to power in Telangana in 2014 and 2018 due to Telangana sentiment.

Telangana people voted for TRS hoping that TRS as 'home party' will protect them and their assets in Telangana and TRS will not exploit or loot them like Seemandhra leaders.

But the ruling TRS leaders have turned to be more dangerous than Seemandhra rulers.

TRS leaders are minting money by indulging in illegal 'land settlements' in Hyderabad.

A popular Telugu newspaper has exposed the TRS leaders land settlements and extortion of money in Hyderabad.

It is known to everyone how real estate is booming in Hyderabad, especially on city outskirts like Serilingampally, Medchal etc.

An acre of land in these areas, falling under Serilingampally on Hyderabad city outskirts cost several hundreds of crores of rupees.

TRS leaders are now extorting money from land owners in these areas.

For TRS ministers, MLAs and MLCs, 'land settlements' have become a big business.

They are earning hundreds of crores of rupees without investing a single rupee.

Their only investment is 'power' which they acquired due to TRS government, which is ruling Telangana since 2014 under the leadership of CM KCR.

A group of five TRS leaders, comprising of a TRS minister, MLAs and MLCs are indulging in land settlements.

The modus operandi is to harrass land owners holding vast chunk of lands, create disputes and force them to approach TRS leaders for 'settlements'.

In such instance, recently they targetted a big realtor who owns 300 acres of costliest land abetting outer ring road which falls under the limits of Medchal on city outskirts.

This realtor even contested Assembly polls as TDP candidate and lost.

He wanted to do a realty venture on his land and sell plots recently.

At this point, TRS 'land sharks' entered into the scene and forced him to sell his land to them.

He refused to do so. Later he tried to sell his land to others.

TRS leaders obstructed this using their 'power'. Left with no choice, the realtor agreed to selll his land to TRS leaders.

The TRS leaders immediately fixed the price for this land and handed over it to another realtor, who is close to TRS.

In this deal, a TRS MLA and a TRS MLC earned Rs 100 crore each. In this way, they pocketed Rs 200 crore without a single rupee investment.

Land owners in Hyderabad city outskirts, are in a grip of fear due to threats and extortions by TRS leaders.

They question why KCR and KTR are not taking action against TRS leaders indulging in illegal land settlements in Hyderabad and extoring money.

This is creating doubts among people that TRS bosses themselves are hand-in-glove with these TRS leaders and that's why no action against them.