TRS conceded defeat to BJP in GHMC polls even before polling!

The ruling TRS in Telangana, which received a drubbing at the hands of BJP in recent Dubbak Assembly bypoll appears to have conceded defeat to BJP in GHMC polls even before the election notification was issued and polling was held.

If one goes through TRS party's newspaper "Namasthe Telangana" today, November, 16, 2020, one can easily recognise that KCR and KTR have conceded defeat to BJP in GHMC polls even before polling.

A half page banner story was carried with big headline in Namasthe Telangana and a full page inside against BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The crux of these news reports is that BJP or PM Modi will not do anything to develop Hyderabad if BJP wins GHMC polls.

These news reports clearly reflect the frustration of KCR and KTR who came to a conclusion that BJP will trounce TRS in GHMC polls and are now trying to misuse their 'bhajan media' namely Namasthe Telangana (Telugu newspaper), Telangana Today (English newspaper and T News (Telugu news channel), all owned by KCR's family to mislead people that BJP's victory will be disastrous for BJP.

If they read KCR's media stories today, one wonders whether KCR is ruling Hyderabad or Modi is ruling Hyderabad.

Having been in CM's post for over six years, KCR failed to do anything major to address basic infrastructure facilities in Hyderabad but is now putting blame on BJP and Modi saying they did nothing for Hyderabad.

One thing, KCR, KTR forgot was that Modi is PM for entire India and not for Hyderabad to do something special for the city.

These KCR media stories give clear signals that KCR and KTR conceded defeat to BJP and Modi in GHMC polls even before polling is held and trying to emotionally blackmail people by using their 'bhajan media'. But people are not innocent to believe any 'bhajan media' in these times of social media explosion which clearly shows who is right and who is wrong.