Time for Hyd, Warangal, Khammam voters to teach fitting lesson to TRS, KCR, KTR in corporation polls

People of Telangana are giving a big majority to TRS in whatever elections held in Telangana since the formation of Telangana state in June 2014. TRS won elections on "Telangana sentiment". But, TRS government has completed six years in power now.

Now it has to seek votes based on its performance over the last six years.

The elections for all important GHMC are due in February 2021 and Warangal and Khammam corporations in March 2021. This means elections are just eight months away.

TRS won GHMC, Warangal and Khammam corporations five years ago making tall promises of converting Hyderabad, Warangal, Khammam as Istanbul, New York, London etc.

After five years, let alone these cities becoming Istanbul, New York, London, they turned even worse with bad roads, bad infrastructure, bad drainage system. People in these cities are cracking jokes saying they would have felt happy even if they ensured these cities to remain same what they were earlier prior to TRS coming to power.

But TRS is famous for 'election management'. CM KCR's son and minister KTR sprung into action to win these corporations again by making tall promises again and trying to manipulate voters to make them believe as if something great was achieved or going to be achieved by TRS in the next eight months.

KTR has been holding series of review meetings with ministers, MLAs, MLCs, MPs, officials of these three cities frequently, issuing press releases which say KTR issuing directions to them to take up development works on a war footing and convert these cities as international cities.

What KTR was doing all these five years? Who stopped him in developing these cities? Just because elections are nearing, he is doing hungama and trying to confuse voters with the help of so called media in Telangana, which is competing with each other in making TRS bhajan every day in Telangana.

People should be wise while casting their vote in the upcoming elections. The voters in these cities are fortunate enough that they got an opportunity to teach a fitting lesson to TRS, which no one else in other cities, towns and villages have, because TRS completed all elections in Telangana within a year of coming to power for second term in December 2014. While casting vote, they should question and introspect themselves why they should vote for TRS and Does TRS deserve votes this time.

KTR is relying on election management to win polls but people should teach him that performance and delivery of government matters them most than anything else and not false promises and tall claims for the sake of winning polls.