Telangana teachers celebrate "Teachers Day" as coolies, labourers, roadside vendors

Today, September 5, entire India is celebrating Teachers Day. Teachers are honoured and appreciated for their untiring efforts in shaping their students as good future citizens of the country on this day

But in Telangana State, teachers are today observing Teachers Day as 'Black Day'.

They are celebrating teachers day not as teachers but as coolies, agriculture labourers, roadside vendors selling teas, tiffins, vegetables etc.

This is because over 40,000 teachers working in private schools and colleges across Telangana lost their livelihood since the outbreak of coronavirus in mid-March.

The managements of private educational institutions have stopped paying them salaries for the past few months citing closure of schools since March.

Even if some institutions are paying salaries, they are getting only half salaries or quarter salaries.

To eke out a living for themselves and for their family members, these teachers are Telangana have become coolies in markets, daily wage labourers, agriculture labourers, roadside vendors.

The teachers made repeated requests to Telangana state government to come to their rescue by ensuring strict orders to private institutions to pay salaries in vain.

The Telangana state government just issued orders asking private institutions to pay salaries regularly which remain only on paper and never enforced.

While teachers and their family members are suffering a lot, the Telangana state government is in deep slumber.

To protest the negligence of Telangana government, teachers in Telangana are observing Teachers Day as "Black Day". What an irony?