Telangana schools reopening after Dasara in Nov...Latest Update

The Telangana state government is not in favour of reopending schools in Telangana state before Dasara.

Dasara is on October 25, 2020.

Telangana state government wants to reopen schools from November 2, 2020 after Dasara or from October 26, 2020.

Telangana state government conveyed the same to Central government, when it sought views of all state governments on reopening of schools, that remained closed since March 2020 due to corona pandemic.

While the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh government has decided to reopen schools from September 5, 2020, the Telangana state government wants to delay till November on the ground that school children lives will be at risk if schools are reopened in September as corona cases are on the rise in all the states.

Telangana state government informed central government that there are no adequate facilities in schools to implement physical distancing in schools between students due to which the coronavirus may spread fast.

It also informed students that parents are also not willing to send their children to schools even if they are reopened in September fearing corona