Telangana next CM Harish Rao: BJP bumper offer!

BJP which shocked ruling TRS in Dubbaka Assembly bypoll result on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, is reportedly launched 'operation akarsh' to lure disgruntled TRS leaders into its fold and weaken TRS further.

BJP's 'operation akarsh' is part of coming to power in Telangana in 2023 December Assembly polls by trouncing TRS like it did in Dubbaka.

Speculations are rife that BJP national leadership is trying to take TRS chief, Telangana CM KCR's nephew T Harish Rao, who is also finance minister in KCR's cabinet into BJP and give lifetime shock to KCR and TRS.

Harish anyway is sidelined by KCR in TRS party and government after KCR became CM in 2014.

KCR is sidelining Harish to make way for his son KTR to become CM after he retires from active politics or shift to national politics anytime before 2024 Lok Sabha polls. KCR doesn't want Harish to remain a competitor for KTR in TRS party or government and for this reason he is sidelining Harish in all party and government activities.

Despite humiliation, Harish is silently bearing all this done by KCR and KTR.

Even in Dubbaka defeat, KCR and KTR are trying to blame Harish Rao.

Everyone knows the capability of Harish Rao. It is because of Harish Rao, TRS could give tough fight to BJP till the last round of counting and lost by just 1,000 votes. If not for Harish Rao, TRS could have lost deposit because such was the anger against KCR and TRS government in Dubbaka for his failures as CM for the past six years.

It is for this reason, KCR and KTR stayed away from campaigning to put entire blame on Harish Rao for TRS failure and sideline Harish in party and government further.

The BJP national leadership sensed this and trying to lure Harish Rao into BJP.

The BJP national leadership reportedly offered CM post to Harish Rao, if he joins BJP now and brings BJP to power in Telangana.

Harish can never become CM if he remains in TRS. This is because his son KTR and daughter Kavitha are already in queue.

If Harish shifts to BJP, he can definitely become Telangana CM by trouncing TRS in December 2023 Assembly polls.

BJP is charged up with Dubbaka win in Telangana and is roaring to come to power in state in 2023. BJP believes that Harish will make its task easier if he joins BJP.