Telangana Inter Failed Students to get "CP" pass grades!

The Telangana state government is planning to cancel Intermediate Advanced Supplementary Exams scheduled in July and promote all the students to the next class.

Telangana Inter results were declared last week.

While 9,66,062 students in Telangana have appeared for Inter exams in March this year, 5,95,063 students were declared as passed in the results announced last week.

About 3,70,999 students were declared failed.

Normally, both passed students and failed students apply for Inter Advanced supplementary exams. Passed students apply for improvement and failed students apply to get pass in exams.

With state government planning to cancel advanced supplementary exams and declare all students as pass, officials are exploring option on how to declare failed students and pass and what grades should be awarded to failed students.

Normally, F-grade is given to failed students. But this time, since the government is planning to declare all students as pass, officials are proposing to award "CP" grade, which mean 'condonation pass" grade to failed students and declare them as pass.

Students who scored 0 to 34 marks and failed in Inter exams in March this year, will be awarded 35 marks each as 'condonation marks' and declare them pass.

It means 3,70,999 Inter failed student will get "CP" grade and declared as passed this year without exams. They will be eligible to pursue higher education courses without exams.