Telangana govt revenue & expenditure in 2021-22

Category Budget Estimate Realised

  1. GST Rs 35,520cr Rs 20,859cr

  2. Stamps&Regis Rs 12,500cr Rs 7,028cr

  3. Sales tax (VAT) Rs 26,500cr Rs 17,181cr

  4. Excise Rs 17,000cr Rs 11,071cr

  5. Share in Central Taxes Rs 8,721cr Rs 5,560cr

  6. Non-tax revenue Rs 30,557cr Rs 4,395cr

  7. Grants-in-aid Rs 38,669cr Rs 5,687cr

  8. Loans Rs 45,509 cr Rs 30,194cr

Major Expenditures

  1. Interest on loans Rs 17,854cr Rs 11,882cr

  2. Salaries Rs 26,081cr Rs 19,682cr

  3. Pensions Rs 10,831cr Rs 8,602cr

  4. Subsidies Rs 12,630cr Rs 6,952cr

Note: Official figures submitted by Telangana government's finance department to CAG. Budget estimates pertain to complete fiscal 2021-22 and revenue realised and expenditure figures are from April 1, 2021 to November 30, 2021 (First 8 months of fiscal 2021-22)