Telangana Dharani Agriculture Land Registrations: Status as on Dec 20, 2020

Dharani Agriculture: Status as on 20.12.2020

Dharani Agriculture Registration was launched on 29.10.2020 by

Hon’ble CM and registrations started on 2nd November, 2020.

 The progress is as follows:

- Transactions completed : 66,614

- No. of payments made : 89,851

- Amount of payments : Rs. 106.15 crores

- Total hits on the portal : 1.35 crores

Modules made live

 Various modules (9) have been made which include deed

registrations: Sale (6 sub deeds), Gift (10 sub deeds), Succession,

Partition, Mortgage (8 sub deeds)

 In addition, rescheduling of slots is made available

Registrations in LTR areas:

Special module has been made live for agency areas in order to

protect the interest of tribals. The progress of transactions is as


- 483 applications received

- 391 L form applications processed - 346 L forms approved

and 45 were rejected

- 253 registrations done

Pending mutations module:

For those who purchased land but could not get mutations done,

this module has been made live. In all 18,199 applications have

been received and a fee of Rs. 3.57 crores is paid.

- The workflow is made live. District Collectors will approve the

cases and Tahsildars will implement after Collector’s online


NALA conversion:

A simple, transparent and non-discretionary system of NALA

conversion has been started. So far 365 applications are received

for Ac.545 and fee of Rs. 49.15 lakhs is paid.

Modules ready for deployment

Various modules have been made ready and tested for deployment as


Bankers module

- Facility to bankers for mortgage and to create and remove

charge on land

 Court case module

- Module for people to upload details of court cases

- Collector shall have the facility to block / unblock lands

 NRI workflow

- Facility for NRIs to apply for Pattadar Passbook

- Collector will approve the issuance of PPB and Tahsildar

shall issue PPB on approval

 Integration with Printers:

- For printing and dispatch of Pattadar Passbooks on a weekly

basis directly to Pattadar

 Cadastral maps

- Facility to view village maps and survey number wise sub

divisions on Dharani website

 In addition, GPA and SGPA modules are under development.

-----Issued By Office of CCLA (FAC) & CS, Telangana