Telangana, Andhra cinema theatres to be opened only during Dasara season!

All the cinema theatres in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have remained shut since mid-March due to corona lockdown.

There is no clarity when the theatres will be opened even after three months of lockdown.

Representatives of Tollywood film industry including actors, producers, directors, exhibitor are making attempts to convince Telangana and AP state government to allow reopening of theatres at the earliest.

But the state governments of Telangana and AP are in no mood to open theatres in the near future.

This is because the corona cases are increasing sharply in both the states.

Though both the governments eased lockdown restrictions from June 1 and opened several sectors,, they are not willing to open theatres anytime soon.

Officials sources said both the governments want to reopen theatres during Dasara festival season in October.

The theatres are likely to be opened in the first week of October, which means that movie lovers have to wait for three more months to watch their favourite stars on big screens in Telugu States.