TDP leaders arrests mark Praja Vedika demolition first anniversary!

High tension prevailed at Karakatta near Undavalli junction in Andhra Pradesh on Thursday, June 25, 2020 when scores of TDP leaders and activists were arrested by police after they tried to stage protest at the site of Praja Vedika, which was demolished on this date exactly an year ago by Jaganmohan Reddy government terming it as an 'illegal building' constructed on the banks of river Krishna. The protest rally was planned to mark the completion of first anniversary of Praja Vedika demolition.

TDP leaders and activists tried to protest at the demolition spot, where the building debris is still lying, even after an year.

However, the police foiled their bid and took them into custody.

Heavy police force was deployed at the venue.

Police arrested TDP leaders Devineni Uma, Bonda Uma, Varla Ramaiah, Alapati Rajkumar and Ashok Babu, whey they tried to break the security cordon to reach the spot.

However, TDP leaders claimed that they were proceeding towards Chandrababu Naidu' residence, Ligamaneni Estate, which is adjacent to Praja Vedika, to attend a party meeting but the police did not allow them even to meet their party chief at his residence.

But police claimed that TDP leaders were arrested for flouting covid-19 regulations by gathering in large numbers.

Deveneni Uma condemned the arrests and said, "People gave power to Jagan to build AP and not destroy. The debris of Praja Vedika still lying in the spot after an year shows the one year destructive governance of Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy."