Secret behind KCR's 'national party' talk!

All of a sudden, there is a big debate going on in TRS party circles over TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister launching a national party of his own called "Naya Bharat", to take on BJP and Congress in 2024 Lok Sabha polls

But is it possible for KCR to launch a national party of how own when he is confined just to Telangana?

KCR tried to set up "Federal Front" by bringing all regional parties together before 2019 Lok Sabha polls. But KCR failed miserably.

In this backdrop, anyone will doubt about the capacity of KCR in setting up a national party. Who will vote for KCR's national party in other States. Leave other States, even Seemandhra people in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh will not vote for KCR's national party.

So, why KCR is giving leaks to media on his national party.

TRS sources say it is only to make his son KTR as next CM of Telangana in his place.

KCR desperately needs one strong reason to make his son KTR as CM and for this reason KCR is trying to give a build-up as if he wants to shift to national politics and for this reason he is making KTR as CM. Later, KCR wants to take rest in his farmhouse.

Except this, no one sees any reason behind KCR talking about national politics or national party.