Rs 71 lakh worth drugs seized from a truck in Hyd!

Officials of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) seized 356.9 kilos of marijuana, valued at 71 lakhs on the Hyderabad city outskirts on Thursday night, July 2, 2020, from a truck.

Though the truck was empty, the marijuana packets were concealed behind the truck driver's chamber.

The Hyderabad Zonal Unit of DRI intercepted a truck which was enroute to Maharashtra. 

The truck was stopped near Isnapur on the outskirts of Hyderabad on the Bombay highway.

Though it was found that the was empty, the officers noticed a specially designed cavity behind the driver’s chamber which is made to conceal Ganja. They found 156 packages of ganja, weighing 356.9 kilos. The value of the contraband is Rs 71,38,000. The driver was taken into custody for questioning.

Police are interrogating the driver about the person for whom he was working and also about his delivery location and buyer.

The drugs and the lorry were seized and the case is under investigation.