Rebel star Prabhas launches TRS MP Santhosh's 3rd phase of Green India Challenge!

Rebel star Prabhas made a public appearance for the first time ever since corona lockdown is imposed in March sending his fans across the globe into a frenzy.

On Friday, June 11, 2020, Prabhas was seen along with TRS Rajya Sabha member Joginipally Santosh Kumar in Hyderabad. Prabhas launched the third phase of "Green India Challenge" initiated by Santosh. Prabhas planted thee saplings on the occasion.

Santosh is the owner of T-News Channel and Telangana CM KCR's sister-in-law's (wife's sister) son.

It may be recalled that Santosh has launched Green India Challenge initiative two years ago to encourage and improve greenery in Telangana and across India.

Santosh's initiative received tremendous response not only in Telangana and India but also across the globe. Nearly 4 crore saplings were planted across the globe under the initiative.

The initiative is witnessing participation of people from all walks of life including politicians, officials, celebrities and even commoners. Under this, each one has to plant three saplings and throw challenge to three other persons to plant three saplings each.

Santosh thanked Prabhas for launching his green initiative. He termed Prabhas as a 'true gentleman, noble and kind hearted'.

Santosh expressed hope that Prabhas launching green initiative would encourage crores of his fans across the globe to take up this initiative forward, plant saplings and make the world a better place to live in.