Pawan Kalyan helping TRS in GHMC polls indirectly!

Janasena chief, Tollywood hero Pawan Kalyan has announced to contest GHMC elections on his own without having any alliance with BJP.

It is known that Janasena is in alliance with BJP in Andhra Pradesh for the past few months.

When Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay met Pawan Kalyan soon after his appointment as TS BJP chief few months ago, Pawan Kalyan announced that his party will work in alliance with BJP in Telangana too.

However, Pawan has decided to contest GHMC polls without any tie up with GHMC.

Bandi Sanjay too announced that BJP will contest on its own and there is no proposal from Janasena to have alliance with BJP in GHMC polls.

This led to speculations over why Pawan took this decision and for whose benefit?

Political analysts say Pawan's decision will only benefit TRS as anti-TRS votes will split among BJP and Janasena.

They say Pawan in fact, is helping TRS to win few wards in GHMC due to anti-TRS vote split between BJP and Janasena.

BJP sources say BJP was ready to have alliance with Janasena in GHMC polls.

But Pawan made 'unrealistic demand' of allotting 40 seats in GHMC.

The GHMC outrightly rejected Pawan's demand saying that Janasena is weak in GHMC limits, and if BJP allots 40 seats out of 150 seats in GHMC to BJP, Janasena cannot secure even single digit seats and it will benefit TRS.

The GHMC elections have become a battle between TRS and BJP and there is no scope for even Congress, which is the prime opposition in Telangana so far.

In this case, how can Pawan Kalyan make unrealistic demand of 40 seats for Janasena.

Pawan's decision to contest GHMC polls on his own is being viewed as 'strategy' to help TRS indirectly to win polls by splitting anti-TRS votes.

Why Pawan is doing all this? Is there any 'secret pact' between Janasena and TRS? are the questions being hotly debated in political circles now.