"Praja Vedika" demolition: What did AP CM Jagan achieve?

The demolition of "Praja Vedika", a massive conference hall built by previous AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu by spending Rs 10 crore public money for the purpose of conducting government conferences and other official meetings, completed one year today on June 25, 2020.

Jagan became CM of AP on May 30, 2019 and within 25 days of becoming CM he ordered demolition of Praja Vedika terming it as an 'illegal structure' constructed on the banks of river Krishna at Undavalli village in Guntur district, located on Vijayawada outskirts.

At that time, Jagan had announced that no illegal structures constructed on the banks of river Krishna will be spared and will be demolished soon. Jagan had said that he is beginning the demolition drive with government illegal building Praja Vedika to set an example.

But after one year, Jagan could not demolish a single building though 60 illegal private buildings were identified and served notices for demolition. Because the owners of private buildings approached courts and obtained stay orders.

Jagan could not demolish even Lingamaneni Estate, the lavish building constructed adjacent to Praja Vedika, in which Chandrababu is residing since he was CM in 2015. Though Jagan government issued repeated notices for demolition of this building and asked Naidu to vacate the house, it could not succeed during the past one year.

So, it's the Rs 10 crore public money that was wasted due to Jagan's demolition of Praja Vedika. With no government conference building in AP now after demolition of Praja Vedika, the Jagan government is conducting conferences in private halls and star hotels, thereby again wasting pubic money by paying higher rentals and charges.

If Jagan was really serious about demolition of illegal buildings, he could have started with private illegal buildings. But he demolished government building first on which Rs 10 crore public money was spent, because no one files case in courts against demolition of govt buildings.

Jagan's ego might have satisfied by demolishing Naidu-constructed Praja Vedika, but ultimately it's not Jagan or Chandrababu who suffered losses, it's the AP public who suffered losses, who pay their hard-earned money to government in the form of various taxes with a hope that respective governments would offer them better governance and administration. Why should public pay for political egos and clashes?