Non-agri property registrations in Telangana in old method from Dec 21, 2020,No advance slot booking


1. A major initiative in the registration regime for non-agricultural properties was introduced on 11th Dec 2020. The unique features of the new system are increased transparency, no discretion at any level and 100% online advance slot booking at any time, from anywhere.

2. Registrations of non-agricultural transactions commenced on 14th Dec 2020. The progress so far is as follows:

· Slots Booked : 2599

· Registrations completed : 1760

3. In the slot booking module, slot booking facility is available for 23 different types of transactions like sale, mortgage, gift, development agreement, GPA etc. Another five other services are ready for rollout.

4. A meeting with bankers was conducted on 16th Dec 2020. The bankers appreciated the initiative and assured their support for the reforms.

5. A workshop was conducted with builders/developers on 17th Dec 2020 at MCR HRD Institute. The response from the participants was very positive.

6. In the meanwhile, Hon’ble High Court in order dated 17.12.2020 in WP (PIL) No 248, 254 and 264 of 2020, W.P Nos 17930, 18397, 18408, 18453 and 18854 of 2020, has inter alia stayed mandatory slot booking facility for registrations, while permitting registrations without insistence on Aadhar details.

7. In view of the above orders of the Hon’ble High Court, the slot booking facility for non-agricultural registrations is kept in abeyance for the time being.

8. However, registrations in respect of the slots already booked for 19th Dec 2020 and thereafter will be taken up on the date and time as per the slots already booked.

9. In order to obviate any hardship and inconvenience to the public, Hon’ble Chief Minister has directed that registrations of non-agricultural properties be taken up in all Sub-Registrar offices from 21st Dec 2020, without insisting on advance slot booking, and using CARD system for time being.

10. Accordingly the Stamps & Registrations Department officers have been directed to take necessary action and ensure smooth and speedy conduct of registrations, following due procedures and without any inconvenience to people.

11.For further clarifications, one may contact Stamps & Registrations Department

· Call Centre - 1800 599 4788,

· E-mail:

· WhatsApp number: 9121220272

Office of Chief Secretary