Modi's Birthday observed as #NationalUnemploymentDay by Twitterati, Trending on Top

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is celebrating his 70th Birthday today, September 17, 2020, Thursday.

However, the Twitterati across India is observing Modi's birthday as "National Unemployment Day" to vent their ire on the utter failure of Modi to provide jobs to crores of unemployed and youth across India.

Social media is flooded with millions of posts on "National Unemployment Day".

Netizens have raised hashtag #NationalUnemploymentDay, which is trending on top on "India Trends" on Twitter today.

The hashtag already attracted 1.42 million tweets within no time clearly proving how the unemployed and youth are frustrated at Modi over his failure to fill lakhs of vacancies in various central government departments and organisations over the past six years.

Netizens are expressing severe anger at Modi over inordinate delay in issuing job notifications by the NDA government, forcing job aspirants to wait for years even after issuance of notifications, years to release results, years to conduct interviews and years to get appointment letters.

It's high time Modi realises his failures and take steps on a war footing to provide jobs to crores of unemployed and youth across India. Else he has to face the wrath of crores of unemployed and youth and his party has to pay the consequences in the coming days.