Mahesh Babu participates in Green India Challenge on his Birthday

Tollywood Super Star Mahesh Babu planted trees at his residence located in Film nagar, Hyderabad.

After planting trees he said that plants and animals have equal right as that of humans on this earth.

He felt that civilization is looking at all the living things alike. According to Mahesh, humans should treat all living things same.

He felt that cutting forests and constructing the buildings is making earth loose it's Greenary .

He further stated that using chemical fertilizers and pesticides is making land lose its natural fertility.

This according to him is not development and should not be considered as civilization.

In his view development is growth of both Humans and Trees at the same pace and only then there could be no calamities.

He opined that only then it's possible to live without any pandemic like Corona.

Prince Mahesh asked every one to participate in the Green India Challenge initiated by Rajya Sabha MP Joginapally Santosh Kumar and plant trees and inspire not just 3 persons but 30 people.

He opined that Geen India Challenge is a protection plan for the sustainance of life on this earth.

He stated that it is great effort by RS MP Santosh kumar to inspire large number of people to participate in the geen India challenge.

He appreciated the MP for his Herculean task.

He asked all his fans to carry forward Green India Challenge.

He gave Challenge to Telugu Film Star

Jr NTR, Tamil film star Vijay and Film Actress Shruthi Hasan.