LRS to defeat TRS in GHMC polls

The land regularisation scheme (LRS) announced by TRS government in Telangana on August 30, 2020, made people very angry on TRS and KCR.

People in GHMC limits have decided to teach a fitting lesson to KCR, KTR and TRS in ensuing GHMC polls on December 1 by voting against TRS.

Not only in GHMC limits, people across Telangana are very angry at KCR, KTR and TRS for announcing LRS in all villages, municipalities and municipal corporations in all districts in Telangana.

This is because TRS government's LRS scheme is nothing but to loot people of nearly Rs 15,000 crore by January 31, 2021, by imposing penalities on them saying that people have purchased plots in government unapproved layouts and they have to pay penalty for regularising their plots.

People are angry saying why TRS government, KCR and KTR allowed realtors to make unapproved layouts and sell plots and why people are punished now for the fault of TRS government and realtors.

They question KCR, KTR and TRS government to tell were they sleeping over the last six years when realtors made illegal layouts and sold plots to people.

They are demanding the TRS government and realtors to bear the money for making mistakes instead of burdening people with LRS.

Most of the people who purchased these plots are from middle class and lower middle class and poor families.

Under LRS, each person will have to pay anywhere from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh to regularise their plots.

How can these people afford such a big amount? These people purchased plots with their little savings over several years and decades and how can TRS government ask them to pay penalty under LRS.

Angry people have decided to defeat TRS not only in GHMC polls but also in 2023 December Assembly polls and send TRS, KCR and KTR to 'permanent quarantine'.

Over 25 lakh applications were submitted by people across Telangana for LRS, when the deadline expired on October 31, 2020. The government earned over Rs 100 crore through application fees itself.

Officials are currently processing these applications. The TRS government will earn Rs 15,000 crore by imposing penalties on innocent people to regularise their plots under LRS by January 31, 2021.

Looks like TRS will pay a heavy price in GHMC polls due to LRS and also in 2023 Assembly polls in Telangana.