Land resurvey begins in Andhra after 100-yrs, CM Jagan to make AP 'land disputes-free State' by 2023

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy today, Monday, December 21, 2020, launched land resurvey across Andhra Pradesh.

The land resurvey was being conducted in AP after a gap of nearly 100 years.

The previous land survey was conducted in AP during British era during 1920-27.

The existing land records are based on the survey done during British era due to which several land disputes are cropping up frequently. The faulty revenue records are also leading to land encroachments by anti-social elements, land mafia ruling the roost which is resulting in law and order issues like murders, attacks etc due to which innocent and genuine land owners are facing several problems. Jagan wants to put an end to this menace once for all by ordering a comprehensive land survey across Andhra Pradesh.

Jagan launched ‘YSR Jagananna Saswatha Bhoomi Hakku-Bhoomi Rakshana’, for giving permanent land rights and pave way for dispute-free land holdings across Andhra Pradesh and to make Andhra Pradesh a "land disputes-free State" by January 2023.

Jagan formally launched this mammoth land survey by installing a survey stone today at Takkellapadu village of Jaggaiahpet mandal using modern technology. It is the first time in the country that a land-resurvey on such a scale is being conducted. To ensure transparency, the State government has entered into an MoU with the Survey of India.

The survey will be taken up using hybrid methods like Continuous Operating Reference Stations (CORS) and drones. Pilot project of the land resurvey was conducted in Takkellapadu village of Jaggaiahpet mandal in Krishna district. Now, the resurvey will be conducted in 17,461 revenue villages, 47,861 habitations, 110 urban local bodies. For lands, house sites and houses, boundaries will be marked and title deeds will be issued to the land/house site/house owners.

As many as 70 base stations have been set up across the State for conducting the resurvey, which will be held in three phases and completed by August 2023. Already 14,000 surveyors have been appointed.

A team comprising two surveyors, a VRO and a VRA will conduct land resurvey in a village and every survey number will be filmed using drone cameras and stored in digital format. On the directions of the Chief Minister, steps have been taken for setting up mobile tribunals to resolve land disputes.

Officials were instructed to secure the records after the survey in such a way that no one can tamper with them and that security features should be fool-proof and the hard copy should be with the landowners.

A land titling card, which consists of a unique identification number, measurements of the property, name of the owner along with the photo and total area will be given to the owner after the survey. Digitised cadastral maps will be prepared after the completion of the survey. All details of the lands in the village will be in the maps.

Survey stones will be installed once the marking of land is completed. Digitised property register and title register and a register for complaints will be made available at the Village Secretariats. On Sunday, December 20, 2020, the State government issued orders empowering panchayat secretary of Takkellapadu Village Secretariat in Jaggaiahpet mandal, Krishna district to perform duties of sub-registrar for registration of documents and delivery of its allied services.