KTR's 'GHMC election gimmicks': Will voters trust KTR this time?

As GHMC elections in Hyderabad are just four months away in early 2021, TRS working president and IT minister K T Rama Rao has become busy with 'election gimmicks' of all kinds to lure voters.

Last year, KTR ensured TRS victory in GHMC polls with a record majority by luring people from poorer sections in bastis and slums with 2BHK houses promising that one lakh 2BHK houses will be given for free if TRS is elected to power in GHMC. People believed KTR and voted for TRS.

But after five years, TRS could provide just about 5,000 houses.

KTR who slept for four years after GHMC win suddenly woke up recently, thanks to GHMC elections, scheduled in January/Febuary 2021.

Every day he is conducting review meetings on 2BHK housing scheme, issuing press releases to media that thousands of 2BHK houses are set for completion soon and they will be handed over to beneficiaries very soon.

KTR is making frequent trips to 2BHK housing project sites, giving poses to photographers and releasing them to media. He is trying to create an impression as if one lakh houses are completed and ready for distribution soon.

But will people believe KTR this time?

Leave about basti and slum people. There is a big question mark over whether educated class in Hyderabad believe KTR this time? KTR promised to make Hyderabad a global city within 5 years during 2016 GHMC polls. After five years, even a small amount of rainfall is turning all major city roads into lakes. Not to mention about bad roads with potholes.

But KTR is trying to showcase "Durgam Cheruvu cable bridge" to lure urban and educated voters this time. He is releasing pictures of Durgam Cheruvu cable bridge every day saying that the bridge will be opened in a day or two.

Will educated class in Hyderabad believe KTR and vote for TRS if he showcases Durgam Cheruvu cable bridge remains to be seen.