KTR orders demolition drive in Warangal to remove nala encroachments

Municipal Administration Minister KT Rama Rao announced that a special

drive would be conducted for a month in Warangal City to remove all

the encroachments of drains. The Minister appointed a Committee under

the Warangal Urban Collector leadership to identify encroachments on

floodwater, drainage and sewerage canals and remove them. Sri KTR also

announced Rs 25 Crore funds to restore the damaged roads and other

infrastructure due to heavy rains and floods. He said that more funds

would be released, if need be, after the officials concerned make

estimates on the damage.

KTR who along with other Ministers and public representatives toured

Warangal city on the instructions of the CM, held a review meeting

with the officials at the NIT Campus.

“When we toured several areas in the city, people have unanimously

told us that it was due to encroachments of drains that prevented the

flood water to go out and it was resulted in inundation of roads and

flooding of the residential areas. Whatever the people said is very

true. There are several illegal encroachments of the drains in the

city. They have to be removed immediately. There will not be any

compromise on this issue. There will not be any political pressure on

the matter. Get heavy machinery to demolish and remove major

constructions. Start removing the illegal encroachments, which are

already identified. Examine if any obstructions are there for the

water flow in drains. We are appointing a District Task Force team

under the leadership of the Collector to identify and remove the

illegal encroachments of the drains. Principal Secretary (MA) and MAUD

Commissioner will monitor the works. One of these two will visit

Warangal one day in a week. All the illegal encroachments should be

removed within a month’s time. If they are illegal encroachments,

remove them, if they happen to be houses of the poor, assure them that

2 BHK houses will be constructed and given to them as compensation. If

the encroachment is registered, pay them the compensation. In any

case, remove all the encroachments of the drains, construct retaining

walls after so that there will not be any encroachments in future.

Remove silt from the Aqua duct Canal of SRSP Canal,” KTR issued

clear-cut instructions to the officials.

“Encroachments of drains in Warangal are not a new feature, it has

been happening for a long time. In the past, construction of houses,

laying of roads, Lay outs were not done in a proper way. Henceforth it

will not be the case. Everything will happen properly. We have brought

in the New Municipal Act to ensure proper development of the Cities.

Along with this, a new Master Plan is prepared for Warangal City. We

will announce it with acceptance of the CM. With these two, newly TS B

Pass also came. Henceforth, constructions in Warangal should be done

in tune with the New Act, policies and plans. The development in the

city should take place in planned manner but not in haphazard way,”

KTR explained.

“CM KCR has a special affection and attention towards Warangal City.

The news of heavy rains and floods in Warangal caused some anxious

moments to the CM. He felt that Warangal, the second biggest City

after Hyderabad, should not suffer. The CM spoke to Ministers, MLAs

and Officials on a regular basis and assessed the situation. He gave

instructions that relief work should take place on a big way and

ensure that not even a single life is lost. Based on the CM’s

instructions, 20 relief camps were setup in Warangal and 4,500 people

from the low-lying areas were shifted to these camps. Disaster

Response Force are deputed from Hyderabad to Warangal with Boats, and

other rescue equipment. They were all involved in the relief work. The

CM wanted to visit Warangal On Monday but decided not to as it would

hamper the relief works. Today the CM has deputed us. We have assessed

the situation and updated the CM. The CM who immediately granted Rs 25

Crore for the relief works, said after the estimates report from the

officials funds would be released further. Hence the officials should

prepare the estimates scientifically,” KTR said.

“Warangal population has reached 11 Lakh now. The population may

increase in future and employees and staff should be increased based

on the growth of population. Mechanization of sanitary works is

necessary. Use sweeping machines in the city,”KTR said.

“Officials should feel that it is their primary duty to restore the

infrastructure and provide relief to the people whose dwellments

submerged. Supply essential commodities to the displaced people from

the government side. Officials and public representatives should take

part in the programme. Nobody should suffer with any problem. Since

there is a forecast that there may be heavy rains in next few days,

take all the preventive measures. Be on high alert as far as low-lying

areas concerned and evict people living in the dilapidated houses.

Keep an eye on the buildings which are under construction,” KTR told

the officials.

Task Force Formed

Principal Secretary (Municipal Administration) Arvind Kumar issued

orders forming a Task Force team with Warangal Urban district

Collector Rajiv Hanmanthu as Chairman, Police Commissioner as

Co-Chairman, Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation Commissioner,

Water Resources SE, and Warangal Urban RDO, national Highways

Authority SE as members,