KTR can't become CM before 2023 Assembly polls!

When Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao assumed office for second term after winning December 2018 polls with an absolute majority, there were heavy speculations in media and in the TRS party, that he will make his son KTR as Chief Minister after Lok Sabha polls in May 2019.

This was because KCR was aiming to enter national politics and play a 'key role' in Delhi after Lok Sabha polls in May 2019.

KCR's calculation was that neither BJP nor Congress will get absolute majority in 2019 May Lok Sabha polls and they have to depend on regional parties like TRS to form government at the Centre and this will give an opportunity for him to grab 'big post' in Delhi to extend support to either BJP or Congress besides also giving him an opportunity to make his son KTR as CM of Telangana in his place.

But all his calculations have gone haywire with Modi securing a landslide majority on his own without any need to depend on any party for forming the government at the Centre.

KCR's plan to make KTR as CM also failed with no scope left for KCR to play any role in national politics.

KCR now wants to continue as CM for full-term till December 2023 Assembly polls because the conditions are not suitable to make his son KTR.

The financial condition of is state government is bad now due to the corona pandemic. No one knows when the situation will improve. The government is not in a position to implement welfare schemes and poll promises. In this situation, if KTR is made CM, KCR is worried that KTR will become a 'failed CM' which will be detrimental to the KTR's political future.

So all said and done, TRS party sources say there is no chance of KTR becoming CM before December 2023 Assembly polls.

They say KTR will become CM if TRS wins December 2023 Assembly polls for third term.