KCR to reimpose lockdown in Hyderabad, to chair crucial meet on June 8!

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has convened a crucial meeting on

June 8, 2020, Monday at Pragathi Bhavan to review the corona situation in GHMC

limits which reached alarming levels and take a decision on

reimposition of lockdown in GHMC limits. KCR is likely to announce reimposition of lockdown in Hyderabad after the meeting.

The corona situation worsened in GHMC especially after the Centre

announced Unlock 1.0 from June 1 further easing lockdown restrictions.

All shops, commercial establishments barring shopping malls, theatres,

religious places were opened across the state from June 1. Even the

shopping malls, religious places were allowed to open from June 8.

While GHMC limits reported double-digit cases during lockdown period

from mid-March to May 31, the cases surged to three-digit numbers all

of a sudden since Unlock 1.0 came into force from June 1.

On June 1, the GHMC limits reported 122 cases, which was followed by

79 on June 2 and 80 on June 3.

For the past three days, the GHMC limits witnessed over 100 cases for

the three consecutive days.

The city reported 108 cases on June 4, 110 cases on June 5 and 116

cases on June 6.

This triggered fears that the cases in the city would increase further

in the coming days as more and more sectors would be opened from June


Though the government imposed safety rules to be followed in Unlock

1.0 like wearing of masks, physical distancing etc, all these norms

went for a toss with huge crowds on roads and streets became a common

sight across the city.

Health department officials warned the government that if this

situation continues, it would lead to cases hitting double hundred

mark in GHMC limits very soon and the situation would turn out of

control for government and difficult to trace contacts who spread


The health department reportedly cautioned that "Mumbai-type

situation" may emerge in Hyderabad, if corona containment measures are

not taken on a war footing.

In this backdrop, the CM's meeting on Monday assumed utmost significance.

Official sources said CM may announce reimposition of lockdown in GHMC

limits from any day this week, most probably from June 9 or 10.