Why KCR's sudden love for PV Narasimha Rao?

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is a 'master strategist'. Whatever he does and whatever he talks, there is an 'hidden agenda' or 'master plan' behind it.

When KCR last week announced that Telangana government will celebrate former PM PV Narasimha Rao's birth centenary celebrations year long starting June 28, 2020, everyone was surprised why KCR took that decision all of a sudden and sanctioned Rs 10 crore for celebrations that too in these difficult corona financial crisis times. This is because KCR did not bother to even visit PV Ghat, the samadhi of PV at Necklace Road, Hyderabad, which is just a stone throw away from his Pragathi Bhavan for the last five years, on the occasion of either PV's birth anniversary or death anniversary raising questions over why KCR developed 'sudden love' for PV.

Soon after becoming CM in June 2014, KCR visited PV Ghat only once in June 2018 on the occasion of PV birth anniversary. After that, he just issued a press releases every year paying tributes to PV during his birth anniversary.

Congress party which PV belongs to and also people forgot about PV long ago. The present generation know little about PV. Then why did KCR took this decision?

Political speculations are rife that KCR wants to showcase before the world that only "Telangana bidda" (son of Telangana soil) has the capacity to put the country on the track of development like PV as PM did by introducing 'economic reforms' in the 1990s due to which India could now become one of the economic super powers in the world from the verge of economic collapse in 1991 when PV became PM.

Everyone knows KCR is trying to become PM since March 2018 when he floated Federal Front with non-BJP, non-Congress parites. But KCR's dream did not materialise with BJP retaining power for second term due to "Modi wave".

Now KCR wants to revive the Federal Front and take on national parties BJP, Congress in 2024 Lok Sabha polls and become PM with the support of all non-BJP, non-Congress parties.

For this KCR wants to utilise PV birth centenary celebrations for a year to project himself in the country that he is also a "Telangana bidda" like PV, who has the capacity to rule India and like PV who ruled India successfully for complete five years despite leading a minority government, he too can rule India with the support of non-Congress, non-BJP parties.

These speculations gain credence due to KCR's sudden decision to hold year-long PV birth centenary celebrations. It remains to be seen whether "PV card' works out for KCR or not in national politics in the coming days.