KCR's "Bharat Bandh" is not for farmers, but to avenge against BJP for defeating TRS in GHMC polls

TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar has announced TRS support to Bharat Bandh called by farmers on December 8. He said that TRS will enforce bandh in Telangana on December 8.

While there should be no objection for anyone supporting farmers who are fighting in Delhi for the past two weeks against Modi's farm laws for the past 10 days blocking all highways leading to Delhi, KCR supporting this bharat bandh all of a sudden has become a big joke in political circles.

This is because these Modi's farm laws are a non issue in Telangana. Even in Andhra Pradesh, these farm laws are not a issue. None of the farmers in Telangana or Andhra Pradesh have come to the roads so far protesting farm laws.

This is because the state governments in TS and AP themselves procure foodgrains from farmers directly for MSP. It is for this reason farmers in TS and AP are least bothered about Modi's farm laws. That's why Telangana farmers or AP farmers are not party of Chalo Delhi being organised by farmers from Punjab, Haryana etc.

But KCR has suddenly extended support to bharat bandh. Everyone knows why KCR did this. This is because KCR's TRS is suffering defeats at the hands of BJP in Telangana. Be it Dubbaka Assembly bypoll or GHMC polls recently, the BJP trounced TRS.

KCR is worried over BJP strengthening in Telangana. KCR knows very well that he will lose CM chair in December 2023 Assembly polls and BJP will come to power in Telangana.

Out of this frustration, KCR is supporting Bharat Bandh though Telangana farmers are ignoring this bandh or farm laws.

If bandh has to be done, it should be done by farmers in Telangana first against KCR for cheating farmers with fake promises and assurances.

KCR brought state government controlled 'regulatory farming policy' this year. Under this, farmers should sow only those crops directed by TRS goverment.

KCR asked farmers to sow fine variety rice saying it will have great demand in open market as well as his government will purchase from farmers directly for MSP.

Believing KCR's words, lakhs of farmers sowed fine variety rice crops in lakhs of acres in Telangana. But KCR cheated them by not procuring those stocks from farmers for MSP.

Now farmers are on roads protesting against KCR for not giving MSP for the past one month. Their stocks got damaged due to rains as they were stored along the roads and highways with no purchases from government or private millers.

KCR, who himself caused immense loss to farmers in Telangana is now shedding crocodile tears in the name of Bharat Bandh. KCR should answer first on the plight of Telangana farmers due to his hasty decision on regulatory farming in Telangana without consulting anyone.

KCR became CM for second term in December 2018 promising crop loan waiver up to Rs 1 lakh. KCR cheated farmers by not implementing this promise even after completing two years.

If KCR is really concerned about farmers, he should fulfill his promises first.

How can he participate or support Bharat Bandh against Modi when KCR himself cheated farmers.

This clearly shows that KCR is not supporting Bharat Bandh for the cause of farmers but due to political grudge against Modi and BJP, from whom KCR is facing danger of losing power in Telangana in 2023.