KCR's and KTR's "125-ft Ambedkar Statue Politics" has no end!

It seems there is no end to the politics being played by TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his minister son K T Rama Rao in the name of installing 125 feet tall Baba Ambedkar statue at NTR Garden premises near Tank Bund, Hyderabad.

Despite criticism from various quarters that KCR came up with this idea to woo dalits and to create 'dalit vote bank' for TRS, KCR and KTR continue to make tall claims on this statue quite often. This is because there was no demand from any quarters, even dalits to install a 125-ft tall Ambedkar statue in Hyderbad. What dalits in Telangana are demanding are good education, health facilities and jobs. KCR suddently came up with this idea in 2016.

KCR laid foundation for setting up 125-ft tall Ambedkar Statue on April 14, 2016, on the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of Ambedkar.

Addressing a public meeting then, KCR announced that the 125-ft statue will be ready in a year by April 14, 2017 and he will unveil the statue on the occasion of Ambedkar birth anniversary on April 14, 2017.

It's September 2020 now. Almost four and a half years have passed since KCR made that statement. Four birth anniversaries of Ambedkar were held since then. But KCR failed to install the statue so far.

Let alone installing the statue, KCR failed to finalise even the design of the statue or sanctioned any funds for this project.

Every year, KCR, KTR and other TRS leaders issued statements that the statue will be installed 'very soon' but the 'very soon' never came in the past four and half years.

At this point, KCR and KTR has come up with a new drama all of a sudden in Telangana Legislative Assembly premises yesterday, September 16, 2020.

KTR accompanied by few dalit MLAs released the statue design and a GO (government order) for setting up 125-ft Ambedkar statue.

The GO was released sanctioning Rs 145 crore for the project.

Just with the release of GO, the TRS leaders created hungama as if the statue was installed and inaugurated.

State Government releases hundreds of such GOs every day sanctioning funds to various projects and everyone knows the fate of such GOs as they remain untraced later

What government needs is commitment and sincerity to install statue and not releasing GOs and statue designs.

Why it took four and half years just to release the GO and statue design if KCR, KTR had sinceerity and commitment?

Dalits doubt whether this statue will be installed even by December 2023 when KCR's second tenure as CM ends.