KCR, KTR should realise majority TS voters rejected TRS in 2018 Assembly polls,respect Oppn parties

KCR, KTR should realise majority TS voters rejected TRS in 2018 Assembly polls,respect Oppn parties

TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his son, IT minister KT Rama Rao has no respect for Opposition parties in Telangana State. They are under the illusion that entire Telangana people elected TRS to power in 2018 Assembly polls and there is no need for them to respect Opposition parties in Telangana or consult Opposition parties on any issues concerning state or people.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi who steered BJP to victory at India level single handedly in May 2019 polls and became PM on his own without any need to seek support of any party consults Opposition parties on key issues regularly.

During the ongoing corona crisis, Modi held video conference five times with CMs of all states irrespective of whether they are BJP CMs or non-BJP CMs and took their views on corona control measures.

Modi also held all-party meeting with floor leaders of all parties in Parliament on corona issue and took their views.

But here in Telangana, KCR and KTR feels that they know everything and they need not consult anyone.

But the fact remains that TRS was not elected by entire Telangana people and Opposition parties put together polled more votes than TRS in 2018 Assembly polls which clearly proves that majority of TS voters rejected TRS in 2018. But due to split in Opposition votes, TRS managed to win with a bumper majority.

But KCR, KTR should realise that they are ruling a state where majority of the voters had rejected them.

TRS was polled 46.9% votes in 2018 Assembly polls, which is less than half of total TS voters.

On the other hand, Opposition parties were polled 53.1% votes, which is 6% more than TRS.

This clearly proves that majority of the TS voters did not want TRS to come to power in 2018 Assembly polls. They clearly favoured Opposition parties. But since democracy is all about number games, TRS emerged victorious.

But that doesn't mean that KCR and KTR should demean Opposition parties, who put together secured more votes than TRS.

They should at least consult Opposition parties on crucial issues concerning state interests or people interests. Be it corona crisis, migrant workers issues, lockdown issues, Pothireddypadu issue, the TRS government never consulted Opposition parties.

But KCR, KTR always demean, humiliate Opposition parties forgetting that they are in a democracy.

KCR holds a dubious distinction of not holding a single all-party meeting for over five years.

The last all party meeting was held in December 2014 that too when KCR was politically very weak with just 62 MLAs, which is just 2 seats more than the required numbers to form the government.

But after engineering defections in all Opposition parties, admitting MLAs from all parties he emerged stronger but made a mockery of democracy in the newly-formed state.