KCR-Jagan bonhomie ends due to water disputes,KCR fires on Jagan, Centre for obstructing TS projects

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao today, Monday, August 10, 2020 expressed anger and took severe exception over the Centre following faulty policies and the AP

State government making meaningless, baseless and unnecessary fuss

over the projects being constructed in the Telangana State. The CM has

decided that for the Apex Council meeting to be held shortly, the

facts about the projects being constructed in the Telangana State with

complete data will be placed before the Council and strong arguments

will be put forth. It was opined that a befitting reply should be

given to both the AP State government and the Centre. The CM has also

expressed deep regrets at the AP State government for lodging false

complaints against the Telangana State. He also expressed his

dissatisfaction over attitude of the AP Government.

To finalise the strategy to be implemented in the Apex Council

meeting, the CM held a meeting with the Irrigation Officials at

Pragathi Bhavan here on Monday. In this context, the CM examined the

details keenly of the projects being constructed in the State. He also

discussed about the stand taken by, opinions expressed by the AP

government and the Centre.

“I, on my own, invited the AP State elders in the government, offered

them lunch and discussed the matter. I have extended a friendly hand

to the AP state government saying that both the states should

construct projects based on the needs of the people. We have made our

stand clear that there should not be any egos or Basins (River

Basins). We have proposed that since both the states are natural

neighbours, both should act in a friendly manner and move forward to

the final goal of giving water to farmers in the respective States. We

have also told them that the water being wasted into the sea should be

diverted to the farmers and towards that goal, action plan should be

implemented. But yet, the AP State government had unnecessarily poked

us and picking up a fight. The AP State government lodged baseless

allegations and complaints without any truth. Let us give a befitting

answer in the Apex Council to effectively counter the AP State

government’s meaningless charges and shut its mouth once and for all.

We will create a situation where in the AP State government will never

make such allegations in future,” the CM said.

“The Central government has also faulted in its attitude on the

Telangana projects. We are constructing projects based on our share of

the river waters. It is not at all correct to raise objections on the

projects whose allocation of water was agreed upon before the

formation of Telangana State, permissions given and huge funds were

spent,” the CM observed.

“The Central government is also raising unnecessary objections over

releasing water from Srisailam to Nagarjuna Sagar. In fact, it is only

after filling up of Nagarjuna Sagar project that other projects should

be filled up with water. In fact, Srisailam is not an irrigation

project. It is a hydroelectric project (Hydel power project). Without

taking these facts into consideration, the Centre raising objections

is not proper. As a State, the Telangana State also has some rights.

The state is constructing its projects based on its rights. The Centre

should not behave as though it is appropriating the States rights. We

will make sure that the Centre’s policy is known all over the country

and will declare all the facts on the matter,” the CM said.

“In Godavari, Krishna basins, projects are constructed based on the

State’s rights. The projects, which are being constructed now, were

sanctioned at the time of formation of the State. Water allocations

were made for these projects. Permissions from all the Institutions

concerned were given including the Centre Water Commission (CWC).

About Rs 23,000 Crore funds were already spent. 31,500 acres of land

was acquired. Having made such a progress, calling them as new

projects is absurd, meaningless and foolish. Though these projects

were sanctioned under the united AP state, they have not been

completed. Moreover, with less water, high ayucut was proposed. With

this, the irrigation needs could never be fulfilled. Designs of

majority of these projects were not done keeping in view needs of the

Telangana State and its interests. Hence, after formation of the

Telangana State we have embarked on redesigning and construction of

the projects, based on the share of water, needs and rights of the

state. The Telangana Statehood movement began against the united AP

rule as a dissatisfaction over projects were not completed despite the

water allocations and discrimination being done on the Irrigation

sector to the Telangana region,” the CM said.

The CM declared that Pranahita-Chevella project was redesigned to

construct Kaleswaram project, Kanthanapally redesigned to construct

Sammakka Sagar, Rajiv Sagar, Indira Sagar redesigned to construct

Sitarama Project, and Dummugudem is redesigned to construct Sithamma

Sagar. He said Pen Ganga projects agreement was reached in 1975 and

the Tribunal award was also given. The CM has instructed the officials

to collate data on when these projects were sanctioned? What are the

permissions given? How much was spent to these projects when the state

was formed. How much land was acquired? The GOs issued in this regard,

etc., these details should be made public at the Apex Council meeting

and given a befitting reply to those lodged complaints and raised


“In the first Apex Council meeting held in the past, the AP government

had raised objections over the Palamuru-Rangareddy Lift Irrigation

Scheme. The Telangana State government mentioned about the Machumarri

project taken up by the AP government. Then it was decided that both

the projects would continue. It is not proper for the AP to raise the

same matter now. We will also once again explain facts about

Palamuru-Rangareddy Scheme,” the CM said.

The Tribunal made it clear that 20 per cent of water used for the

drinking water purposes should be taken into consideration.

Accordingly, of the 110 TMC of water used for drinking water purposes

in Telangana State, 22 TMC should be taken into account, the CM


“Telangana faced a lot of injustices in the irrigation sector right

from the beginning. Nagarjuna Sagar, which was to be constructed at

Yeleswaram, was built 17 Kms down in much injustice to the Telangana

region. Due to the formation of united AP state, upper Krishna,

Tungabhadra and Bhima projects have gone forever. The Bachawat

tribunal itself made it clear that Telangana is facing injustices in

the allocation of water. The Tribunal realised that the then united AP

while arguing for its share of water did not take Telangana into

consideration. This is the reason why the Bachawat tribunal made

special allocation to Telangana. Projects like Nettempadu,

Kaluwakurty, Bhima, and Koill Sagar including Jurala were completed

after formation of the State. Since MLAs from Andhra region have

blasted the pipes of RDS with bombs, the water, which was supposed to

come to Telangana by gravity without any expenses, did not come. To

stabilise the RDS Ayucut, after spending lot of money Tummilla Lift

was constructed. In a similar way a lot of injustices were being meted

out in the irrigation sector. After formation of the State, projects

are being constructed based on the water allocation made for the

State.  Infact, the Telangana state needs more water. We need to get

1000 additional TMC in Godavari surplus water. Godavari has more

catchment area in Telangana state. River Godavari flows in more area

in Telangana State.  Telangana State has also more needs. Of the 2000

TMC that goes into the sea, the Telangana state should at least be

allocated 1000 TMC more,” the CM requested the Centre.

In this meeting, Principal Secretary (Irrigation) Rajat Kumar, CMO

Secretary Smita Sabharwal, CM OSD Sridhar Deshpande, Government’s

Chief Whip Dasyam Vinaya Bhaskar, State Rythu Samithi President Palla

Rajeshwar Reddy, MLC Seri Subhash Reddy, MLA  Surender, E-in-C

Nagender Rao, Deputy E-in-C  Anita and other officials participated.