KCR in farmhouse, Telangana in corona 'danger zone'

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is taking rest at his sprawling farmhouse in Erravelli on Hyderabad city outskirts along with his family members for the past one week, while Telagana, especially Hyderabad city has plunged into corona danger zone.

While Telangana is reporting almost 2,000 new corona positive cases per day, majority of the cases are reported in Hyderabad (GHMC) limits in the range of 1,000 to 1,500 cases per day for the past one week creating panic among the residents of Hyderabad and elsewhere in other districts.

The corona situation worsened to such an extent that around 20 personnel posted at KCR's official residence Pragathi Bhavan were infected with virus forcing KCR and his family to leave Pragathi Bhavan and move to their farmhouse.

KCR who earlier made tall claims of making Telangana 'corona free state' by April 7 and later came up with several deadlines over this issue by conducting frequent press conferences, abusing and humiliating media personnel who asked him about increasing corona cases, in now shying away from media. It's over a month now since KCR came before media, even as TS has now become one of the top-5 states in the country among the worst corona affected states. His son KTR, who tweets on every other issue under the sun, also became silent. KCR and KTR were behaving as if no corona exists in Telangana, even after they shifted to their farmhouse from Pragathi Bhavan fearing corona.

Their negligence and indifferent attitude naturally triggered severe anger among Telangana and Hyderabad people. Netizens are trolling KCR and KTR for their inaction on controlling corona. Twitterati is expressing ire at KCR with the hashtag "#WhereIsKCR. This hashtag is one of the top-20 trending on twitter now reflecting the anger of Telangana people on KCR. It's high time KCR and KTR act and realise the factual corona situation at ground level instead of trying to cover up the issue by arm twisting people, media and Opposition parties, who question them on their failures.