KCR exposed his 'fake love' for farmers in Delhi

TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao continues his 'dirty politics' for his selfish interests.

When KCR enforced Bharat Bandh in Telangana on December 8, 2020, in support of agitating farmers in Delhi against Modi government's controversial farm laws, there was a heated discussion on why this 'sudden love' by KCR towards farmers in Delhi. TRS leaders boasted that by enforcing Bharat Bandh in Telangana, KCR proved that he only had the guts to take on Modi.

Within a day of Bharat Bandh, KCR started showing his 'true colours'.

He has written a letter to Modi praising him for taking up Central Vista project in Delhi.

The immediate next day, he flew to Delhi to meet Modi and Amit Shah.

KCR stayed in Delhi for two days on December 11 and 12.

But he didn't bother to visit the agitating farmers in Delhi and extend his support.

He simply met Modi and Amit Shah and returned to Hyderabad today, Sunday, December 13, 2020.

This shows how selfish KCR is. This also shows that he enforced Bharat Bandh in Telangana not because he had love or concern for farmers but he does it to avenge his party's (TRS) defeat at the hand of BJP in Dubbak Assembly bypoll and GHMC elections, the results of which were announced on December 5.

But KCR later realised that Modi and Amit Shah got angry with KCR supporting Bharat Bandh.

He immediately rushed to Delhi to meet them and arrived at a 'political compromise' with BJP after realising that Modi and Amit Shah are planning to dig corruption cases against him when KCR was labour minister in UPA-1 cabinet between 2004 and 2006.

KCR is facing CBI case on EPF scam in Sahara Group. Fearing cases, KCR rushed to Delhi and pleaded Modi and Shah not to target him and that he will abide by them.

KCR then simply returned to Hyderabad without meeting farmers in Delhi.

One more classic example of how KCR takes U-turn for his selfish political interests.

It's high time not only Telangana people but people in entire country should realise the selfish politics of KCR because it's the nature of KCR to mislead people with lies and come up with new drama every other day in the name of entering national politics.

Beware Indians of KCR's dirty politics.