KCR didn't had even Rs 10,000 for 'rakhi gift' to Vijayashanthi

TRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his family might be worth several lakhs of crores of rupees today, but before becoming CM of Telangana and when he was leading Telangana statehoood agitation from 2001 to 2014, he struggled to mobilise even Rs 10,000.

This was revealed by popular actress Vijayashanthi, who recently quit Congress and joined BJP.

When Vijayashanthi was in TRS from 2009 to 2014, KCR declared her as his 'tenth sister'.

This is because KCR already has nine sisters of his own and that's why he declared Vijayashanthi as his 'tenth sister'.

It's a tradition that when sisters tie 'rakhi' to brothers on the occasion of Rakhi Pournima, the brothers gift money to sisters as a thanksgiving gesture.

On one such Rakhi occasion, KCR had decided to gift Rs 10,000 to each of his sisters. KCR required Rs 1 lakh to gift Rs 10,000 to each of his sisters.

KCR called Vijayashanthi over phone and told her that he was coming to meet her on the occasion of Rakhi pournami in the morning.

Vijayashanthi waited till noon for KCR to tie Rakhi but KCR did not turn up.

Then Vijayashanthi called Joginapally Santhosh Kumar, who is now T-News owner and TRS Rajya Sabha member, who looks after all the personal affairs of KCR since KCR launched TRS party in 2001 till date, to enquire about where was KCR.

Then Santhosh told Vijayashanthi that KCR is running around several houses of his friends and relatives to mobilise Rs 1 lakh to gift his ten sisters and that was the reason for KCR's delay in reaching Vijayashanthi.

Vijayashanthi is now telling one and all about how pathetic the financial condition of KCR was when he was not CM and look at KCR and his family today, who are worth several lakhs of crores of rupees of assets and cash in just six years of coming to power in Telangana.

Vijayashanthi is also telling one and all how KCR took huge money from her during Telangana statehood agitation as 'debt' saying that he will return at the earliest but it was never returned.