KCR completes 2-yrs as CM in his 2nd term, TRS govt achievements in 2-yrs

TRS supremo and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao completed two years as Chief Minister in his second term today, December 12, 2020.

KCR took oath as Telangana CM for second term on December 13, 2018 after TRS won Assembly polls with a landslide majority by winning 88 seats out of 119 seats in December 2018.

KCR worked as CM for first term from June 2, 2014 to December 12, 2018.

The TRS government's achievements in the last two years in its second term can be seen below:

TRS government’s welfare programmes for two years (2018-20)

Agriculture and Farmer’s welfare:

--Rythu Bandhu Crop assistance increased from Rs 8,000 per acre to Rs 10,000 per acre from 2019 Rainy season. 56 Lakh farmers are befitted at an expenditure of Rs 12,000 Crore per year.

---Rythu Bhima Policy continued despite increase in Premium from Rs 2271 to Rs 3556. (About 32.73 Lakh farmers benefitted at an expenditure of Rs 1164 Crore per year. 31,654 families got the benefit at Rs 5 Lakh per family amounting to Rs 1582 Crore.

---Loan waiver for less than one lakh loans for the second time. In the first phase, 5.88 Lakh farmers’ loans, which are below Rs 25,000, was waived. Rs 1210 Crore is given.

---Total loans are Rs 25, 936 Crore and 40.66 Lakh farmers benefitted.

---On June 21, 2019 CM KCR inaugurated the Kaleswaram project aimed at making the Telangana state fertile, providing water for irrigation, drinking water and industrial purposes.

--80 Lakh acres are getting irrigation water from the project. 3688 Tanks are filled with the water from the project. 15 Lakh acres are cultivated under the tanks.

--Ground water table increased by 3 meters. Earlier it was 12 to 9 metres deep.

---For the first time, under Kaleswaram Project, Godavari waters reached to last Ayucut in Suryapet district.

---From Jan 1, 2018, 25 Lakh agriculture pump sets are being given free, quality 24-x7 power supply.

---Water for irrigation is available in abundance. With 24-hour free power supply, cultivation is taking place in 1.25 crore acres in the State.

---During the Corona epidemic time dairy farmer loan limit has been increased from Rs 1.6 Lakh to Rs 3 Lakh.

---3 Lakh farmers were given Kisan Credit Cards.

--To create MSP for the crops, the government purchased the crops at the MSP.

--Paddy is purchased from the farmers at their fields through 6408 Centres. 2019-20, 1.12 Crore Metric tonnes is procured. In the last six years, purchases increased by 367 per cent.

--The Paddy procurement percent from the State BY FCI is 63 per cent while the rest of the country accounted for 37 per cent. Telangana State is the only state in the country, which is purchasing the entire Paddy grown by the farmers.

---Rs 256 Crore Dues on farmers’ interest free loans have been paid. (By July 5, 2019)

---Land registration through Sada Bainamas is given upto Oct 31, 2020 in all the Municipalities and Corporations.

---Regulated Farming Method is introduced as an alternative to regular farming methods.

--Dharani Website launched: On Oct 29, 2020, CM KCR formally launched the Dharani web portal at Mudu Chintalapalli village in Medchel district.

---Tahsildars were given the responsibility to register the agriculture lands.

----Rythu Vedikas constructed in 2604 Clusters in the State.

---CM KCR inaugurated the Rythu Vedika in Kodakandla.

--Oct 31, 2020 CM KCR inaugurated Rythu Vedika constructed under the guidance of Panchayat Raj Minister at Koda Kandla village in Jangaon district.

Welfare and Pensions:

--Asara pensions doubled for 39.35 Lakh beneficiaries from May 2019.

--8.5 Lakh were sanctioned Asara pensions additionally.

--Every year Rs 12000 Crore is spent on Asara pensions.

--PF Cut Off date is removed for the Beedi workers.

--Eligible persons are given pensions in the family even if they are more.

--Increase in the beneficiaries of the Shaadi Mubarak and Kalyan Laxmi Schemes.

---Child marriages rate has been dropped drastically.

---Welfare schemes, contracts, 5 per cent reservation in double bed room houses for the differently abled.

---For the differently abled brides, Kalyan Laxmi and Shaadi Mubarak assistance is increased to Rs 1.25 Lakh.

--Neera policy in the state for the welfare of Toddy Tappers.

Civil Supplies department:

--During the Corona Pandemic time, each person is given Rs 12 Kg rice per month for four months, 2 KG Redgram for three months, 10 Kg of ration rice for four months.

--In April and May 2020, each family is given Rs 1500 cash assistance.

---Through Ration Portability, facility is given to ration cardholder to draw ration from anywhere in the State.

--Taking inspiration from Telangana State, the Centre had introduced one nation one-ration card policy.

Panchayat Raj Department:

New Panchayat Raj Act-2018 is implemented successfully and effectively.

---There are 12,769 Gram Panchayats with 8690 (Old) and 4079 (New)

---Newly 9355 Panchayat Secretaries were appointed.

--Palle Pragathi Programme: This programme was held for month from 6 Sept 2019. Sanitation, works related to power supply, demolition of the dilapidated structures, constructing Vaikunta Dhams, Dumping Yards, setting up Plant nursery in every village, Haritha Haram action plan and other works are taken up during the period.

---Two new districts, Mulugu and Narayanpet were formed making the number of districts to 33 (old 10, new 23).

---30 New Revenue divisions were formed in addition to the existing 44 taking the figure to 73.

---Village sanitation workers salaries are increased from less than Rs 5000 to Rs 8.500 per month.

---Rs 2 Lkah insurance policy in the name of SK Dey was given to the Panchayat Raj staff from Oct 10, 2019.

Local Bodies and Municipalities:

New Municipal Act came into being from 19 July 2019.

---Newly 7 Municipal Corporations were formed making the total Municipal Corporations number in the State to 13 (old, 6)

---Badangpet, Bandlaguda Jagir, Meerpet, Boduppal, Peerjadiguda, Jawahar nagar and Nizampet.

---Newly 76 Municipalities were formed taking the total figure to 76 (Old 52)

---Pattana Pragathi programme was organised for ten days from Feb 24,2020. Swach programmes, Green Parks, Nurseries, Power supply works, construction of cremation and burial grounds, Integrated markets, Dumping Yards, cleaning of drain water and other works were taken up.

Mission Bhagiratha

Through Mission Bhagiratha, pure and safe drinking water is supplied to 95 per cent of houses in the State.

Gurukulas (Residential Schools)

--On June 17, 2019, newly BC residential Schools were launched in 119 Assembly segments. With this total Residential schools strength is increased from 161 to 280.

---Before formation of the Telangana state there were 298 Residential Educational Institutions. Newly 618 Schools, 53 Degree Colleges were launched taking the total figure to 969. About 3 Lkah students are studying in these institutions. The government is spending Rs 1.20 Lakh per year on each student.

---On Dec 11, 2019, Forest College, research Institute, Horticulture University buildings were inaugurated in Mulugu.

--Gajwel is developed as an educational Hub.


---Power works are taken up during the Palle and Pattana Pragathi.

--Uninterrupted power is supplied to all sections of the consumers.

---On March 25, 2019, BTPS First Unit in Manuguru started generation.

--Artisan services were regularized in the electricity department. Treated on par with other employees, increments and PF facility is provided.

Hyderabad as an international City

--On 29 Nov 2019, Hitechcity to Rayadurg metro rail services were started.

--9 Fly overs, 4 Under Passes, 3 RoB’s started.

---Hyderabad LB nagar Kamineni fly over, Mind space, Biodiversity, LB Nagar, Chintala Kunta under passes started.

--On Sept 25, 2020 Durgam Cheruvu Cable Bridge opened.

---During the Corona Pandemic time, at cost of Rs 2000 Crore, 15 Fly Overs, 300 KM road works, 29 Link roads construction took place.

__For those families that incurred loss due to heavy rains and floods, Rs 10,000 financial assistance is given to each family.

--State wide there are 179 Annapurna Meal Centres. Every Day 52,000 Migrant labour were given special meal.

GHMC Polls: Manifesto promises:

-From 2020, every house and apartments would be given free drinking water upto 20,000 Litres.

---Free power to Haircutting Saloons, Dhobi Ghats and Laundries.

--Sewerage Master Plan for the Metropolitan City at a cost of Rs 13,000 Crore.

---Linking Musi River with Godavari

---Motor Vehicle Tax waived for the Corona Pandemic time.

--Exemption given to industries, commercial establishments for their power connections’ Minimum Power demand charges.


LRC Notification once again, GO 131 was released on Sept 1, 2020

Boon for the RTC employees

--Retirement age of RTC employees is increased from 58 to 60 years.

--Salaries dues of the strike period were paid in full.

New Secretariat Building complex.

--Foundation stone was laid for the new Secretariat Complex on 27 June 2019.

--- Newly 26 District Collectorate Buildings were almost completed.

---104 Camp offices for the MLAs in their constituencies.

--New MLA Quarters was launched on June 17, 2019.


--Prestigious AIIMS was launched on 4 Dec 2019 at Bibinagar.

---From Aug 15, 2018 eye tests were conducted on 1.5 Crore people.

---Better services in the government hospitals, which led to 6 Lakh deliveries and all the mothers were given the KCR Kits.

---Medical treatment and facilities in the government are on par with the private hospitals.

--Caesarian operations decreased while the normal delivers increased by 60 per cent.

--ICU services provided in the hospitals as well as in the medical colleges.

---46 Dialysis Centre started.

----Free diagnostic tests in government hospitals and a separate budget for this.

--Cashless Journalists, Employees Health Scheme (EGHS).

--35 per cent increases in Arogya Sree Scheme services.

---Due to increase in awareness of diseases, mortality rate is on the decrease.

---50 Paramapada Vehicles arranged for transporting the dead.


---Amazon started its biggest Campus in the city on Jan 10, 2020

---30 Lakh square feet of the constructed area in 10 acres accommodating 9,000 employees.

--Amazon decided to invest Rs 20,760 Crore on 6 Nov 2020.

--B Hub with Rs 60 Crore encouraging Bio-Pharma sector.

---Revival of Sirpur Paper Mill—Launched on Feb 7, 2019

---The Biggest Pharma City in the country at Mucharla in 19,333 Acres.

---Construction at an estimated cost of Rs 27,800 Crore—Employment to 4.25 Lakh.

---On 30 Oct 2020 Electric Vehicles policy was announced.

---Encouragement to companies manufacturing Electric Vehicles.

--No Road Tax, registration fee on EVs to benefit the users.

---Permissions were given to 14,000 Industries and investments to the tune of Rs 2 Lakh Crore came in.

--In ease of Doing Business, the state came in the top three for continuously three times.

Information Technology

--IT extended to tier Cities

----State IT exports surpassed the Country’s average.

---In 2018-19 and 2019-20, in two years, Rs 2.38 Lakh Core IT exported.

--During the Corona pandemic time, It growth rate nationally is 8,09 percent while the State registered 17 per cent growth rate.

---IT expanded to the four corners of Hyderabad with Look east policy.

--Microsoft, Google, IBM, Apple, Oracle, Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahendra It Giant companies have their facilities in the city.

--1.5 Crore women were given awareness programmes through SHE Teams.

---Haritha haram—Green Budget increased.

---Reducing the retirement age from 60 to 57 years is on the cards.

----Plans are on to provide unemployment allowance to the youth.

--Every district will have a food park; every Assembly segment will have Food Processing Unit. (19 July 2020).

--Double Bed Room Houses construction is progressing.